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When we speak of colloidal silver we usually refer to positively charged ionic or silver micellar particles, suspended in different concentrations in a biologically pure liquid. It has been demonstrated in vitro how it is capable of interacting effectively with a wide variety of bacterial, viral and fungal strains, altering their biological membranes and causing the death of the pathogen. However, the neutralization mechanisms that intervene in complex systems such as organs and tracts of the human organism greatly reduce its effectiveness, although at present, it is still shown little in vivo in the human organism and with few controlled clinical studies.

Currently, external use is generally suggested, because in Italy and other European countries internal use has been prohibited since 2010, also considering the possible side effects observed such as drug interactions, allergic phenomena and intestinal dysbiosis, which makes that the product is badly recommended in case of recurrent and intestinal urogynecological problems.

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