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Cystitis in pregnancy: which relationship?

Cystitis is a common patology that occurs more frequently in pregnant women; about 1 woman on 10 experiences an infectious urinary episode during this period. The causes of this increase are many, including:

bladder compression, increased blood sugar, vaginal pH that tends to increase, gestosis, relaxation of detrusor muscle with urinary stagnation, increased progesterone and consequent relaxation of intestinal smooth muscle, constipation. In this phase of life, it will therefore be very important to act on the predisposing and maintenance factors, in prevention, for example by maintaining a correct intimate hygiene and an adequate diet, rich in plant fibers and liquids. Given the particular delicacy of this moment of life, it is now commonly suggested to carry out a monthly analysis of the urine. In case of established bacteriuria, the antibiogram will therefore be useful to the doctor to understand the best therapy to be taken also in relation to the observed microbial sensitivity.

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