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D-mannose, an effective remedy from nature

D-Mannose is a plant-derived monosaccharide, obtained by fermentation from larch or birch wood, but which frequently fits into the composition of many vegetable polymers for daily consumption.

At the sight, it looks like a white powder, once ingested it is poorly absorbed by the cells of our organism and mainly eliminated not modified through feces and urine. In medicine and in glycobiology, D-Mannose is becoming increasingly important as it has a high binding affinity for the main uropathogenic bacteria (able to adhere to the wall of the urinary tract).

This affinity allows to neutralize the bacteria reducing its adhesiveness (in particular of E. coli), main etiologic agent present in 85% of cases of cystitis. Unlike antibiotic therapy, D-Mannose does not present significant side effects, does not create overdose risks, can be taken in pregnancy, by diabetic people, celiac disease, does not create drug resistance and, if properly taken, can represent an effective remedy in the long term intake to significantly reduce the onset of bothersome, and sometimes disabling, recurrent cystitis.

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